About Me


To quote Ida Rolf: " An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

My Philosophy                                                                               

I'm happy to say I found my calling in Bodywork. I'm challenged daily, never bored, and always enriched by taking on those challenges  and turning them into painless solutions.

I am a "big picture" person who is also highly attuned to the tiniest intricate details that make the "big picture" work seamlessly.

What does that mean for you? That means I take into account how the bones, connective tissue, ligaments, and muscles, work in unison. They are all connected. By working with the connective tissue (which can affect the entire body), it is my hope to help take you from painful injuries, rickety joints, poor posture, and inflexibility, and get you on the road to a more pain-free body along with effortless fluidity.

No "canned therapies." Although there can be systematic approach to begin the process of healing,  (as in the 10 series of Structural Integration), the process will look entirely different for everyone. 
It's my intention to assist you in moving with more feedom, less pain, and help you feel at home in your body.

Your Session                                                                                                             

You come to my office with your own individual set of circumstances - your own experiences. With that in mind, I will ask you to fill out a short intake form for your first visit. In the beginning of every session, I will ask questions, watch you move, watch you breathe, and listen to the cues your body language is telling me. 

Together we will set goals, intentions, and plan our own recipe so that each session consists of:

  • a blend of problem-solving,
  • a bundle of compassion,
  • a bushel of artistry,
  • and a basketful of science.


You're not just along for the ride. We work together as partners, to help you

become your own champion. For me - that is incredibly fulfilling.


I hold Board Certifications in Advanced Structural Integration (The Rolf Method), Connective Tissue Manipulation, Medical Massage and Decompression Cupping Therapies.